Natural Face Lift

Natural face lift £50 or click here to contact me for pricing for a course of treatments



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Hopi ear candle treatment

Ear candling, sometimes referred to as simply “candling” or “ear coning,” is a common therapeutic practice used in natural health centers all over the world.



Taster Facial Using Tropic – 20mins

Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise. Features Tropic Bamboo Cloth


Express Facial Using Tropic – 30mins

As per Taster Facial, but includes multi masking and facial oil massage.
Features Tropic Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum


New Concept Facial – 45 mins



Instantly revitalises your skin, reduces stress and gives your complexion a new life! I use different oils, serums and masks to suit your individual skin type.

This facial has remarkable benefits and naturally rejuvenates and tones your skin.

This is natural healing and beauty at its best !

A secret for instant beauty enhancement, rejuvenation and relaxation through facial massage using a massage tool.
This technique has been used throughout the ages for healing and beauty however is relatively unknown in the UK and is 100% safe. This facial provides overall wellness, relieves stress and improves your completion. Can relieve eye strain, anxiety, headaches and can aid sleep.
This is a unique cutting edge treatment.



Indian Head Massage – 30mins

An Indian head massage can improve circulation and lymphatic drainage to the head, neck, scalp, face and shoulder area. It gives you a deep sense of relaxation and a feeling of total well-being. This may also relieve you from headaches and migraines.



Thai foot massage
25 mins £25
40 mins £30

Thai foot massage is a holistic healing technique that provides relaxation, balance in the body’s various systems, and healthy blood circulation.



Shirodhara Therapy

£50 includes £5 for oil (3 treatments)

A recommended stress buster. Extremely beneficial for sinusitis, migraines, headaches and insomnia. Warm oil is poured continuously on the forehead followed by gentle massage of the face and neck.


Swedish massage

30 minutes = £25 
45 minutes = £35 
60 minutes = £40
90 minutes = £60

 In Sweden, “Swedish massage” is simply known as “classic massage”. And that is exactly what it is — a classic treatment. The various Swedish massage techniques are designed to improve your circulationsoothe your muscles and make you feel more relaxed.

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